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You can use ctrl+f or other search function to search by furni name. All languages supported.

All stats are from the past 30 days. Classic posters aren't supported.

Note that some hotels may have boosted prices.

Impact chart next to the stats explained:

Note that I'm not a chart expert. If you have better ideas or note something isn't correct, let me know. The current version is still experimental and the logic will most likely change in the future to something else which serves people the most.

The price charts you see on this page doesn't behave the same way they do in Habbo. The reason for that is to make the combined global sales to make more sense. If we'd just use the direct credit values as in Habbo, the charts would be complete mess due to high variations in prices and sales between the hotels. Instead, we try to focus on the global average and how the average has been impacted throughout the past month.

The horizontal dark line indicates the 'Total global average' (all sales within all hotels combined). Horizontal axis represents time, past 30 days, today at the right. Each Vertical light line represents a day when some sales have occured. Blue bars at the bottom represents that day's portion (%) of the month's sales (amount of furni sold). Vertical axis represents the impact to the average.

Impact is calculated in a bit complex way but in short the impact represents the 'profit' or 'loss' compared to the month's average and other days. Exact logic can be seen in the code below:

If you have any questions, you may contact @xxx887fake

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